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“The aim is to fuse the functional with the ethereal, sound design principles with imagination, hard landscaping with soft planting to create a balanced, desirable garden space.”

Emma Bernard, Garden Designer

Emma is an Oxfordshire based garden designer with a natural passion for converting garden spaces into inspiring landscapes.

At the core of Emma’s work lies a refreshing philosophy: understanding and interpreting her clients’ requirements is integral to the success of the design.

It is this, combined with a detailed analysis of the site, which provides a fundamental integrity from which the creative elements of design can flourish effectively.

Whether a small urban planting plan or an ambitious rural landscaping concept, Emma’s objective is to create clean lines and geometric ground patterns which are then rejuvenated with the diversity of planting.

Favouring a simple palette of materials which may be inspired by the architecture of the house and its surroundings, she is able to dictate the mood and flow of the landscaped area.

Planting: it reinforces the objectives of the design, from minimal to cottage style, whichever is appropriate and in keeping with the character of the client’s plan. Emma’s planting is in contrast to the static nature of the hard landscaping, enabling her to introduce ever-changing layers of interest to the space: from daily changes with light and shade to the seasonal changes in structure, shape and form.

Through her unique and innovative personal approach she is able to provide a finished result that aims to exceed her clients’ expectations.

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E: emma@emmabernard-gardendesign.co.uk

E: emma@emmabernard-gardendesign.co.uk